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A bit of history

Once a typical seaside village, Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua have now been transformed into a highly developed resort area, dotted with a number of upscale hotels, luxury resorts, superb restaurants, open-air cafes, luxury beachfront villa estates and facilities for enjoying a continuum of water sport activities. In short, in recent years, Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua have become one of the most sought after tourist spots in the country.

It is believed that Tanjung Benoa was originally made up of three separate islets two were called Nusa Dua and the other called Terora. All three of these islets have joined Desa Bualu. A General from the ancient Bali empire named Kebo Iwa (means Uncle Buffalo) was said to be very big, strong and powerful. Due to his power and strength he was able to hold off Majapahit Empire from conquering Bali. This legend is documented in lontar, old palm leaf manuscripts found in the Gedong Kirtya Library in Singaraja, the former capital town of Bali.

The legend portrays General Kebo Iwa as one who loved his people. When the people around Nusa Dua experienced difficulties in getting to South of Denpasar, General Kebo Iwa collected two scoops of soil from the nearby villages Desa Kutuh and Desa Sawangan to cover the bay between the islets of Nusa Dua. He covered the soil with Kelor tree (Moringa oleifera) and along the way the tree broke and left the soil scattered to what is now known as Nusa Dua. He made another attempt and failed again but the fallen soil is believed to become Terora-teroraan and the area is known called Banjar Terora - the area not far from the beachfront villas of Puri Tirta.